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Account Search    Enter the numeric portion (dashes included) of the Property ID.
Property ID:
Enter your parcel number exactly as it appears on your tax statement with one of these formats:
Real Property Parcel:11-22-33-44-1234
Personal Property Parcel:12345-1234
Manufactured Home Parcel:12345-123456

- OR -

Address Search    If a Property ID is entered the Address is not searched for.
Property Street Address:
At least the first character of the Street Address must be entered.
City may not be entered without a Street Address.
Hint: The search tool works best if you only put in the first few characters and a * along with the city name in the search.
Property Address: 1234*
City: Blaine
If you are still having difficulty with your search, please click on the Help button for additional information.

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